Saturday, July 17, 2010

Don't know what happened between last night but I am in raging super bitch mode today

Ugh, I don't know what my problem is. Went to sleep feeling a little sore and pissy. Woke up every hour on the hour on the hour either needing to pee or having my kid laying on top of me. Got up exhausted and feeling seriously bitchy and hurting. I am trying so hard to get out of my funk,as I have a bday party to go to in about an hour and don't want to scare any of the kids. Yesterday I felt so good, running around. It wasn't pain free but it felt like I was taking some of my life back. Thia morning I have thrown everyone out of my bedroom, including the dog and am just thinking mean hateful thoughts. Not about anyone in particular just generally mean, unjustified, poor me thoughts. I hate that I have days like this and worse I never know when they are coming. I don't care of it is a stupid bitchy and pointless thing to think. I fucking hate that I have days like this.
Update. I slept for another hour and woke up feeling better. I am headed with the fam to a birthday party that is guarenteed to rock so that is probably helping. Man I woke up this morning seriously ready to bitchslap someone for no reason except it might have made me feel better. Hoping that feeling doesn't come back.

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