Monday, July 19, 2010

Today is a good day, yeah, really...

So I got next to no sleep last night, I was up until 8:30 and then back up by 11:00. I am a little woozy but at least I am up and about and that is something right. I litterally have mounds of laundry that need to be folded but have NO motivation to do it. I did do the dishes yesterday and after a kool-aid accident mopped part of the kitchen but it was mostly a lazy day. Hung out with the fam and watched movies in the master bedroom last night. I think we were all a little wilted from the heat, but maybe that is part of why I am feeling better. I haven't had a good appetite for weeks but drinking all this water has completely killed it. One part of me hopes I am losing weight, the other part of me desperately wants my sodas back. I snuck two yesterday and the caffiene almost killed me. I am feeling pretty good, I know our orders have to be coming soon, the water has helped and I think so has the GoChi, Acai, and fat burner. I am planning on going to the dog park here in just a little bit with a friend I haven't seen in awhile and I am excited. I am still sore and achy and a little stiff but I really am having a good day and I am going to enjoy every second I can.

UPDATE: So before leaving I had to take a quick shower and get Alynna scrubbed off too. I used cool water hoping that it would help me a bit. I don't know what did it but between the shower and trying to put on my make-up I kept getting vertigo. It would come in spurts, sometimes it only lasted for a few seconds and sometimes a few minutes. I had decided to go to the dog park and then the BX and dammit I was going to go. My body still felt okay for the most part, my shoulders hurt from trying to wash my hair and then pull it back but other than being a little shaky I was okay. Amy and Shino, who are the sweetest, cme over to hlp me finsih getting ready and give me some time to settle. I was still a little shaky but the vertigo was coming for less time and for shorter periods. It was so much fun to watch the dogs run around and there is a small park attached. Shino was kind enough to watch the puppies play while Amy and I took Alynna over to the apark I was getting worse so I mostly sat and watched Amy play with Alynna. It was getting hot so I had decided to take Jiki home, cool her off and try to let myself settle a bit. The vertigo was still coming and going and I was shaky, my legs were hurting but sitting and talking to a neighbor with the windows down and the cool breeze blowing on my face helped a bit. I got to the store and was weak and getting worse but I was determined to finish my plans for the day. I got in the BX and could not remember why I had come. I got a few small things and headed out. By then the vertigo was back full time and I struggled to get Alynna out of the cart. I ran to the post office, which only took a second then I came home. Alynna was crashed out when we got home. getting her out and upstairs was a tricky but we both laid down and I took an hour and a half nap. Alynna is still crashed out. I am still feeling really shaky and the vertigo is back full force. Typing this had been tricky :) I am still determined to have a positive outlook but I think my laundry is going to continue to sit there for awhile. I am hoping sitting my lazy ass on the computer amd possibly doing some more yoga will help. We can't wait for ever for orders right???

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