Friday, July 16, 2010

Started off slow this morning but I am getting a lot done.

Okay first, fuck my doctor from yesterday. I am doing what I can to make my situation better and I don't feel this way because I am depressed. Mark and I have both started drinking bottles of unflourinated water by the truck load and I am doing a system cleanse with Acai and a fat burner. I got up this morning feeling sore and stiff and bitchy. I got up and got the kiddos ready and Mark and I went to the grocery store. I am about to leave to go grocery shopping off base with a friend for produce and if the kiddos are good to the 100Yen store. Feels great to get out and about even if I am still feeling a little stiff and sore. Now I just need to spend some time with Stephanie, Muriel, and Keri and life will be good. I am trying to make plans to go see Komaki Onsen koi and some other things with Heather. Richelle is the best! She called me out of the blue recently to ask if I wanted her to take the kiddos for a few hours. I ended up turning her down because my day was so crappy but just the fact she asked was so awesome. That is who I am going shopping with and I am excited. I am determined to make more time for my friends. Mark being home until 3 can make it tricky sometimes because I like to spend time with him but I am hoping to use that time to reconnect. Then after he leaves I am gonna try to make more time to see some friends. I am still angry after my doctors appointment but I see my therapist on the 20th and I am gonna wait and get her perspective before doing anything about my doctor. I feel so scattered and it is probably coming across in this blog but I am loving getting out of the house and being a little more active.

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