Saturday, July 24, 2010

Started out early and I figure a nap will be involved somewhere but it has been a good day.

Alynna and I stayed busy last night until around 8pm then she passed out. My husband got home a little before that with a migraine so I pretty much just left him alone in our room with the promise to help if he needed anything. Gavin stayed over at a friends house and they slept outside. He got home a few minutes ago and looks dead tired. Alynna finished her nap around 1:30 am and woke me up. I had laid down on my sons bed. We have been up since then and been pretty productive. We made breakfast. We had banana pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs. I left the kitchen for Mark but left everything soaking and the counters clean so I don't feel too bad. Alynna and I practiced her ABC's on the computer and read books all morning. She finally crashed out on the floor about an hour ago. After taking my morning meds my energy level is high but I don't actually feel motivated to do anything with it. This heat is wilting me pretty quickly. I think I am just gonna lay about in bed watching movies and hopefully eventually taking a nap. I am hoping when I get up and about I can get some of the house picked up but right now I am just enjoying laying here. Don't get me wrong, my body aches and I am shaky as always but so far the day/morning/night has been good. I hope this feeling of "yeah, okay, whatever..." continues.

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