Friday, July 30, 2010

Tired and achy but it has been a productive day.

Didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Alynna and I are on weird schedules so that doesn't help. Was up and down all night with her and felt so bad about cancelling plans with a new friend this morning but I was actually able to lay down and sleep from about nine until around two. Had to get up and get ready for Alynna's dentist appointment. Went as well as it could I suppose but I am afraid she will have some of the same problems with her teeth that Mark does. Ran down and got blood drawn and picked up a prescription in just the nick of time. Ran to the BX which was madness. Went a little crazy getting Keri stuff for her baby shower tomorrow but I hope she likes it (all :).) Got Gavin's hair cut and have a feeling we are going to start having some battles there. Let him keep it longer in the front but made him go short in the back and around the ears. Paid Mark's softbank bill. Went by and got junk food for the kiddos and ate for the first time in awhile. My stomach isn't too sure about that decision. Came home, Mark got off work early. Was lucky for me because I was able to run to the Bunny Store with my neighbor and grab some more baby stuff. Now I am at home, laying on clean sheets with no plans to move until I have to get up tomorrow morning. Honestly, I am worn down and I have lots of plans for this weekend so I hope I can stay on my feet and keep running. Kids are both being bratty and Mark seems a little distant but I am hoping it is just because it was a long night and day for everyone. After grabbing stuff for drinks and trying to help decorate for the babyshower am gonna come home and try to hit the commisary though I am sure it will be insanity. Sunday I am gonna take a friend running around Misawa just to show her around a bit. Then I plan sitting on my butt recovering until I have the meeting with the hospital director on Monday. Jeez, that doesn't seem like that much but I know by Sunday evening I am gonna be useless.

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