Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oh my gosh, I am so tired but I did a lot today!

Got up late this morning and had to scramble to get all the supplies for Keri's babyshower. Got there just in the nick of time and it was wonderful! Food was incredible and Muriel did a fantastic job decorating. Had lots of fun painting onesies and dang we have some super creative girls in our group! I hope Keri got most of the stuff she needed, seems like she got a lot. By the end I was wobbly on my feet but came home and managed to force Mark to go to the commisary even though he thought I should lay down for awhile instead. For some reason grocery shopping is a big deal for me. I like to get the stuff I want and use and even though Mark offered to do it I knew exactly what I wanted and I wanted to be the one to get it. It was a huge help to have him there though, especially with Alynna. Ran into Ross and Andrea which was nice. She is due with her third boy soon and looks fantastic! They have been so nice and helpful and I know Mark likes working with Ross. Also ran into Richelle and her family. Talked for a minute but had to shut her up so Mark wouldn't realize how shaky I was :) It was so nice to see everyone today! Tomorrow I am gonna go running around with a new friend to show her around Misawa and I am excited. I think stuff like that is so much fun and I am looking forward to hitting the 100 Yen store to get some stuff for my Mom since her Birthday is tomorrow. She will be getting her presents late but hopefully I can send her some cool stuff. I am hoping Renee will be up for Ramen, I want some gouza! I am exhausted and with all the walking around my hips are screaming but at least I got a lot done today. I always feel better, even when I am hurting, if I get a lot done during the day. Got to see my friends, my fridge is stocked, all my bills are paid, and I am ready to crash for a few hours. I have a feeling I will be up and down all night but it was worth it. I am looking forward to meeting with Maj Wanker (feel a little sorry for his name :).) He is one of the hospital directors and between meeting with him and the help we are getting from Mark's flight I am really hoping for orders soon. I am switching meds so hopefully that will provide some relief in the meantime. It has already been six weeks so I am really thinking that we should hear something soon.

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